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Safety Information

Feb 19, 2023Rich Brigham

Below you will find general safety information on using these products safely.

Which of our products does this information relate to?

Fragrance oil burners, candles, candle holders, incense, incense burners and ash catchers.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Always place items with a candle or incense on a suitable heatproof surface, away from flammable objects such as fabrics and curtains.

  • Do not use candles or incense in a draft.

  • A standard good quality tea light should be used for all our tea light holders and oil burners.  Do not use a large tea light or votive candle unless specified on the individual product.

  • Oil burners, incense burners and candle holders may get hot while in use, take care when moving them.  Always allow enough time for the holder to cool down before handling.

  • We do not supply any candles with our products unless otherwise stated in the description.

  • Our oil burners are for use with diluted fragrance oils only, they are not suitable for wax melts or other wax products unless otherwise stated.

  • Hanging or outdoor candles and candle holders should be secured carefully and should not be used in adverse weather conditions.

Are these products safe?

Yes, all of these products are safe to use when the safety instructions are followed.

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