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What are incense?

What is incense?

A natural material that gives off fragrant smoke when burnt. Most are made of aromatic plant material and it's often combined with essential oils and natural resins to enhance the smell.  It has an incredibly rich history and has been an important feature in rituals and ceremonies across various cultures and religions for centuries.

What is it used for?

Incense plays an integral role in various religious and cultural ceremonies, particularly in Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindus use it as part of their daily prayer in the home and at the temple. Though enthusiasts may not use it in any formal ceremony, it still has connections with spirituality and a lot of people use it in contexts of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

Others may use it simply because they like the aroma or to create a particular ambience in the home. People also use it as an alternative to air freshener or odour coverers to mask unpleasant or unwanted smells in the home.

Main Uses:

  • Daily prayer in the home.
  • To disguise odours.
  • Relaxation and meditation.
  • Yogic practices.
  • Aesthetic appreciation of the fragrance.

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